10,000 HOURS Podcast   |   Production Internship

We are looking for an intern to:

+ Help with all aspects of production on the show including recording, audio management, guest coordination, equipment set-up, outreach and social media, website maintenance and general spiritual guidance.

+ Bring aspirational thinking to the table: contribute ideas for growth, potential marketing strategies, candidates for guests and sponsors, etc.

+ Commit a certain amount of time and energy to the project—we are looking for apx. 10 hours a week, including occasional time on-site for live records and major meetings

+ Expand our social vision: have a promotional point of view and seek to repurpose, disseminate, and create our content on the right channels

+ Have a passion for podcasting: the ideal candidate will listen to podcasts or at least be interested in podcasts as a medium

+ Be awesome—bring diverse interests and skills to the table. Huge bonus points for any technical skills (audio, editing, products, writing, design), but personal creativity, initiative and drive are mandatory


+ Unpaid (sorry! but we’re a upstart production and can’t offer monetary compensation at this stage in our development)

+ 10 hours a week, approximately, with fluid and flexible hours based on the week and our collective schedules

+ Ideally based in Minneapolis—but remote applicants not excluded

+ Begins immediately

+ You’ll get to hang out and connect with us and interact with the same rad and influential guests we do (we’ve got some fun ones in the pipeline)

+ Timing negotiable, but with a minimum 3 month upfront commitment

+ Generally flexible—this is a pretty weird internship and we like to have fun, but we need someone who gives a shit and can deliver

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