THE 10,000 HOURS 



So you’ve decided to ignore your better judgment and be a guest on 10,000 Hours! Welcome, we’re excited to have you. The hard part is already over, but here are a few things to make sure everything goes smoothly.

 this is a representation of our excitement you're on the show. enthusiasm!

this is a representation of our excitement you're on the show. enthusiasm!


What is 10,000 Hours?

We’re an interview series about craft, creativity and putting in your time. We talk to cool people about the things they love to work on. In the form of a weekly podcast, we pick our guests’ brains about how to be better creative people and whatever else occurs to us at the time.


What is my role as guest?

Just be you, rockstar. You’ve been asked to join us because we think you’re interesting and awesome. The show is loosely structured and freeform by design—we like conversations to be fun and informal. No scripts, no expected monologues. Just come ready to have a conversation.


How long do I need?
Recording takes about an hour, with a minor amount of time for set-up and debrief. If you can set aside 90 minutes, you’ll be golden. Any additional time to promote your episode in the future is totally up to you.


How’s this all going to work?

Super simple! We capture audio locally, and via Call Recorder. If you can join a call, talk for an hour and send a few files, you’re already ready to be the best guest ever. Let’s break it down:


1. We’ll call you on Skype. Answer please!

Our calls are conducted and recorded via Skype. If you don’t have skype, that’s okay! It’s free and easy to download. Or we can make other arrangements! Just send us your contact information, and wait for our call.


2. Mics are great.

Have a USB microphone? You’re awesome. Don’t? Still awesome! Most in-headphone microphones are of perfectly appropriate quality. In a pinch, your computer’s internal microphone will work as well. Don’t have a computer? We can’t help you.


3. Headphones, however, are mandatory.

Any pair will do, as long as they’re plugged in and turned down to a moderate volume. If they cover your ears that’s preferred. Like earmuffs.


4. Showtime!

Let’s make some magic happen. Episodes are relaxed, freeform conversations, but will have a central topic germane to you—or German to you, should you be calling in from Munich.


All you as a guest need to do is talk—we’ll guide the conversation like the Podcast Sherpas we are. Expect to be asked the following: What have you been working on lately? What should a listener take away from this episode? How can our listeners support you? Something off-topic which is probably irreverent and undoubtedly offensive.


5. Ship it.

We only need a few things from you after we record. If you recorded locally (you’ll know if you did), you’ll receive specific instructions for sending over audio files. Otherwise, we’ll just need a single, clear photograph (of you and your face) for use as episode art, and your social media information. High resolution landscape-style images are preferred (fold your paper the hamburger way). Send those our way, and you’re home free!


We recorded. It wasn’t a disaster. Now what?

You’re done! We’ll take it from here. Episodes undergo minimal editing, before being posted 1-4 weeks after recording. You’ll receive episode art, tips for promotion, and your episode’s post schedule soon after we record.


This was great! How can I help?

Just promoting your personal episode does wonders. We’ll provide you with the episode imagery (to post if you’d like), show publish date and link to your episode. We’d love if you would join the 10,000 HOURS fam where we live on the internets:


Additionally, we’re always taking submissions for sponsors and guests that fit our philosophy. Send some our way if you have them in mind, and we’ll call it even.