EP 109

// DIY

//  10.03.16

Grant and Vince are on the line with artist and graphic designer, and close friend, Eric Gorvin. Currently of GIRL Skateboard Co. acclaim, Eric joins the show to chat about his personal style and story of craftsmanship, and what it means to take a DIY approach to life and creation.




Shoe Dog   —   GIRL   —   Jonathan Rodriguez

Gordyland   —   Gnash   —   Mike Posner

Neon Vibes by Riff Raff   —   Saturn’s Hexagon   —   @THE10KHRS




Special thanks to Death to Stock for sponsoring this episode of the podcast. DTS is a highly-curated inspiration haven for creatives doing cool work. 

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Theme music and outro music by Cullen Fitzpatrick

Intro music "Gold" by Brock Parks